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Welcome to the Vampire Wars. Vampire Wars is a role-playing game created by Zynga for Facebook and Myspace platforms.
Thanks to gamezebo.com for the great walkthrough. I have updated it with some new infos.
Getting Started:

    * Choose a name: When first starting the game, naturally you'll want to pick a name for your vampire. Choose whatever you like, just keep in mind it'll cost 15 Favor Points if you decide you want to change it later, so choose well to start with.
    * Choose a character type: There are 3 types of vampires/character types in Vampire Wars: Modern, Noble, and Primeval. Modern Vampires recover energy faster (every 3:20 instead of 5 minutes). Noble Vampires earn blood faster (every 54 minutes instead of 1 hour). Primeval Vampires heal and recover health faster. Choose the type best suited for you. It's recommended when starting the game that you choose Modern Vampire, as you'll be able to do more missions and earn more blood that way.
(Note: The game may automatically assign you to Modern Vampire for starters)

    * Know your dashboard: In the left corner of the application, you can view your immediate stats.

old dashboard

  Level: current Game Level

EXP: aka Experience Points, the bar here will show how many you have compared to how many you need to reach the next level.

Energy: This is required in order to do Missions. A timer will appear next to your energy when it's not full showing how long until you earn more.

Rage: Required to fight against other players in Combat. A timer will appear next to it when it's not full, showing how long until you earn more.

Blood: This functions as the currency system in Vampire Wars. Earn blood by doing Missions and sometimes also through Combat. A timer will appear next to it showing when you next payload comes in.

Health: Self-explanatory, this is primarilly for Combat purposes. You cannot fight if you health is below 20. You may replenish health for Blood or Favor Points if you're low, or simply wait for it to refill itself via the timer that appears next to it. If your health reaches 0, it will count as you dying and go on your permanent stats. In the same way, if you deplete another character's health to 0, it will count as a kill.

  Favor Points: are another form of in-game currency. They may be earned by completing mission tiers, leveling up, or bought with real-life money. Favor Points allow you to purchase exclusive extras and abilities that otherwise wouldn't normally be available. It takes a while to earn up a good sum of Favor Points, so spend them wisely.

Draekor's Decadence: was introduced on May 17, 2011 as a mini game. Each player can play the game by using 1-3 Favor Point(s) each time, or by using a "free spin" that's given out once every 24 hours.
Payout is 1x, 2x, and 3x except for the Jackpot. You must play 3 credits to win the Jackpot.

Old Blood 

Old Blood is the first City in Vampire Wars. The player is sent backwards through time into the medieval Age of the Eternals on an epic quest to save the world of Vampires. In this alternate dimension the player is given a chance to complete new tasks and earn new rewards, with hopes of unraveling the conspiracy and preventing future disaster.
While inside Old Blood the player is stripped of their Base Game Abilities and Blood, and must gather new Abilities and Old Blood (money). It is also necessary to have Hourglasses to complete Missions. A continuous sound loop also plays, introducing music to the game for the first time. Players must be at least level 10 to enter the time-rift. All Missions require a number of Hourglasses which are consumed on use.

What are Skill Points?

Skill Points are obtained by completing Missions and leveling up. Each time you level up, you may choose which stats to improve by spending Skill Points. Skill Points will allow you to improve your character's stats as you see fit.

What is “Bite”?

You may notice this option when on another player's stats page. Bite is a way to antagonize another player: it will always be effective, but does very little damage. Essentially the only function this serves is if you're looking to pick a fight with another player.

How does “Clan” work and playing with friends work?

Fellow friends or contacts who play Vampire Wars can join your clan. Clan members can send gifts to each other and benefit from each other's actions. They will also serve to make you a more formidable opponent in battle, and can even help you with fights and missions. Clan members can send each other free gifts once per day (not including abilities).

How do special abilities work?

You may have noticed these on the front page or in the Bazaar. Special abilities (often limited edition) may only be purchased with Favor Points. These abilities are often extremely rare and have very powerful stats. You can play the game without these abilties.

What's the lock at the top of the screen?

The lock at the top of the screen represents a Portal. Every once in a while, a special new area of Vampire Wars will be open, and you can access it. The Portal is presently closed.

How do I beat Vampire Wars?

Vampire Wars is a game that has no specific ending. The normal missions will all be unlocked once you reach level 100. From there, your goal is to complete all the missions, earn trophies, increase rank, etc.

I. Coffin / Home

old tabs

The Coffin / Home acts as a sort of “home base” in Vampire Wars. Consider it your dashboard.


You can collect 25 Favor Points from the Induction.


This is the Vampire Wars homepage. From here you can see weekly deals, featured items, and other useful features. From this page you can also view your message feed, status with the Collector, and status with Akem.


    * Click this to view your current statistics. From here you can see what level and type of vampire you are, how many experience points are needed until the next level, and how many votes your avatar has received. You may also change the “title” that preceeds your vampire's name. Titles may be earned by completing mission tiers. Specific stats regarding things such as blood flow, missions completed, fights won and lost etc. may also be viewed here.

    * Skill Points are shown in a specific box in this menu. From here you can see your specific health, attack, defense, energy, and rage stats. Each time you level up, you'll be given 5 skill points, which can be used to increase any of the above qualities to improve your character. Skill points may also be earned by completing missions, or bought with Favor Points.

    * Blood flow is another feature shown on this page. It's imperative that your income always be higher than the blood deducted.

The Blood Bank in Vampire Wars is a place to store your blood where it cannot be stolen via losing fights.
There is a 10% deposit fee, so it is advised to deposit one less than your desired amount (1,000 nets you 900, while 999 nets you 900).

Withdraw: Lets one withdraw the specified blood from one's bank (only up to the amount of blood one actually have in one's bank).
Withdraw All: Lets one withdraw all the blood one has on hand immediately into the bank.  
Deposit: Lets one deposit the specified amount blood into one's bank (only up to the amount of blood one actually has on hand).
Deposit All: Lets one deposit all the blood one has on hand immediately into the bank.

    * At the very bottom of the page you can view boosts, mission items, offense abilities, defensive abilities, movement abilities, minions, and trophies and weapons, that you've either purchased or earned. From here you can also view which abilities will be used in combat. Boosts may be used by clicking on them, otherwise they will remain in storage until you decide to use them.


Here you can view which and how many trophies you've earned in the game. There are over 100 possible trophies, categorized by character, missions, earnings, combat, and special trophies.


    * From here you can edit the appearance of your avatar, or character. You may choose between male or female, and switch anytime without it affecting your stats in any way, shape, or form: this is strictly for appearance. There are many customization options to choose from. For more options, outfit pieces, etc, you may visit the “Avatar Items Shop”.

Various avatar items are priced in either Blood or Favor Points. You may try them on before purchasing.
    * Customizing your vampire's appearance can play an important role in Judgement. The better looking your vampire to others, the more positive votes you'll get. You can even earn rewards this way.
    * On occassion, special limited edition avatar items will become available. These are usually promotional items for limited edition Vampire Wars missions, and can only be earned by completing them. They will never be available for purchase, though they can be viewed from the Avatar Items Shop while available.


Personal comments left for you are displayed on this page, as well as the message feed viewable in the main Coffin area. Personal Comments are one-on-one comments between you and any other player in the game, while Clan Comments can be used to send a single comment to your entire Clan at the same time for all to view. Consider it a Shoutboard.


    * Judge other players' avatars for a chance to win a special ability. As you gain positive votes, you have an opportunity to win free rage, energy, or health refills. You may only have 1 of each refill type active at a time. Refills earned while you have a pending refill of the same type will be discarded.
    * Often upon entering the page, if you haven't done so already that day, you may judge 10 members of your clan as “tempting” (+1) immediately. Your Clan members' votes can be viewed and compared on the Dead List on the right side of the page.
Voting consists of Toxic (-1), Tempting (+1), and Tasty (+2). You may also leave comments on the avatars to tell them what you think of their appearance. You may judge 3 vampires at a time, and do this as many times a day as you like.


Collections are groups of 5 themed loot items. You can get the items from Missions, Combat and from Elders.
If the player collects all 5 items of a collection, it can be "traded". This will use up 1 of each of the 5 items and grant the player a Limited Edition Ability.

Each Collection has three Levels to mastery. Each Level gives you stronger LE Ability.

II. Clan

Your “Clan” are fellow friends and contacts who play Vampire Wars. The more Clan members you have, the stronger you'll be in battle. Having Clan members may also increase your blood flow or ability to find rare abilities during combat. They may also help you in combat or with missions at certain times. You may have a maximum of 500 Clan Members.


From here you can invite other people to play Vampire Wars and join your Clan. You may also opt to purchase 3 Clan members for 20 Favor Points. You may also view your Clan Members and manage your invitations and requests from here.

My Clan (#)

Click this to view all the members of the Clan, aka your friends. You may click on their names or icons to view their profile and stats, or you can send them specific gifts from this page, such as abilities.

Give a Gift!

Click on the gift box next to an ability to send the adjacent ability to that clan member. Every time you send abilities there is a chance that Vampire Santa will appear and give you a gift in return. This is a very useful way to aid friends who are in need of abilities you no longer need. Ability stats and the quantity which you own can be viewed from this page as well.

III. Missions

Missions require Energy and will reward you with Experience Points (EXP) and blood. Certain missions may also reward you with special mission items and/or abilities. There are 9 different mission tiers, increasing in energy, EXP, and blood. Mission requirements may change depending on the level.
In order to do many of these missions, you will need Mission Items (aka Consumables). Consumables may be found by doing certain missions, then used to allow you to do other missions. Consumables may also be received or given as free gifts to/from friends, or purchased at the Collector.

Lastly, nearly every mission requires special abilities to be able to do them. Many may be earned or purchased. On very rare occasion, some of these may also be found via mystery gift boxes and Combat.

IV. Combat

Combat is a portion of the game where you may fight against other players for increased rank in the game. Combat requires “Rage”- Rage is the type of energy which allows you to fight. You may fight another player once per rage. Combat may provide you with extra blood, experience, and the occassional ability, but it may also depleat your blood if you lose. Health is depleated every time you fight. You may choose to heal by clicking on your Health in the top right corner and spending either blood or 2 Favor Points.


Here, a list of vampires with their name, level, rank, and clan size will be provided. You may click their name to view more detailed stats. You may also choose to fight any of them by clicking “attack” next to their name, or none of them at all. The list will refresh every-so-often. Be warned that vampires with a large sized clan will be much more difficult to defeat than those with none. You may compare your rank in your stats to those available for fighting to pick the best potential pairing. It's ideal to choose someone whose rank is a little lower than yours when fighting. Rank holds no value except inner-game player ranking and the ability to purchase a few special abilities in the Bazaar.


Players are allowed to post bounties on other players. The Hitlist displays posted bounties, who it's from, who it's for, their rank, and how large the reward is. If you successfully attack and defeat the player the bounty is for, you may collect the reward. Remember to make sure your rank is higher than that of the one posted. Usually players who have bounties on their heads are highly experienced, so you'll have to wait a while before you can really use this option. You may choose to post a bounty on a player by clicking on their name to visit their stats page, then clicking “Add to Hitlist”.

Fight Leaderboard

Here you can compare yourself Combat-wise to your clan members and view the overall leaderboard for Vampire Wars.


The Arena is a new form of Combat that is currently being beta-tested. It is superior to the original Combat system in many ways. One of the biggest issues for players is tedious loadtimes.
There is an "Arena Ranking" which is seperate from the Combat's "Skill Ranking". There are multiple rooms which allow the user to change the fightlist at will. In contrast to Combat fights, the Arena Fights earn the same amount of Blood, cost less Health, and earn a greater amount of Experience. 

Gates Of Hell (Level 475)
1. When you reach this level you are brittle to suffer many Elder Vamp's Attacks.
2. So, get as many clannies as possible and improve your army before this level

Zombie Mode
When your health is below 20, you might notice that you become somehow invincible. So every time your going to log out make sure your health is below 20, so no one can attack you. It's another offline defense tip.

V. Bazaar/Shop

The Bazaar is the marketplace for Vampire Wars. Here, you can spend blood on various abilities, minions, and avatar items.


    * You can learn and unlearn abilities here. Abilities (Offensive, Defensive, Movement) increase your power in Combat, and help you in completing Missions. Some Abilities may be improved, increasing their power, but at the cost of Blood. They are listed in this area, and each ungradeable ability may be mastered to level 3, or “Superior”. You may only purchase an upgrade for these abilities every 24 hours, and their status is shown as you do so. Listed abilities often have upkeep costs, too, which will be deducted from your Bloodflow every hour. It's important to make sure the upkeep costs are always lower than your income. Your total upkeep costs can be viewed at the top of the page.
    * Skill Ranking Abilities are also obtainable here. However, you may only purchase them once your rank (see section Combat) is relavent.
    * At the bottom of the page, you may view all your Rare abilities. These are abilities you've won, been given, or earned: essentially anything you haven't purchased. Your default fighting abilities to be used in Combat are determined by the game and cannot be changed.


Minions increase your bloodflow every hour. They are absolutely essential to maintaining upkeep costs and overall status. You may dominate minions by spending blood in order for them to earn blood for you, or you may release them if you no longer require their services. It's a good idea to keep all your minions, though, seeing as you pay a one-time fee for them and they'll continue to earn blood for you every hour—even when you're not playing. Progressively better minions will be unlocked as you level up.

Avatar Shop

Covered earlier in this guide, you may purchase various items for your avatar here by paying in either blood or Favor Points.

Sacred Halls

The Sacred Halls is an art gallery made available to players on April 7th 2011. The gallery displays high-detailed version of combat Abilities.

VI. Elders

Council/Elder's Shop

This is where you can edit or buy extras for your game via Favor Points. Favor Points can be purchased through real money, or earned very gradually through playing the game itself. More Favor Points may be purchased via this page as well.

Akem's Gamble

Every day, you may visit the Elder Akem once for free in this sort of gambling mini-game. Choose one of the three chests, and you'll be given a free ability. Common, uncommon, legendary and limited abilities are all in Akem's Gamble. You may come back every 24 hours for another free ability, or gamble again for 10 Favor Points.

Blood Magic

Elder Mandy is in charge of this section. Spin the wheel by spending blood in order to be given a special magic ability for a 4-hour duration. Abilities range from faster filling meters, various boosts, and even a curse that will drain you of blood. Special abilities may often be shared with friends and Clan members. You may spin the wheel every 4 hours, or spin again immediately for around half the blood and 5 Favor Points. If you use Favor Points, Mandy promises not to curse you. You may use several magic abilities at once, especially if you accept them from friends.


Elder Akem Manah is also responsible for this area. There will be a chest with a certain number of locks on it. The goal is to come back everyday around the same time: each day you visit, a lock will be unlocked. If you skip a day, a lock will be locked once more. There are 5 chests total, and after you collect all of them, there will be no more available in the game. The chests and their rewards are as follows:


Otherwise known as Elder Jeremy, the Collector will allow you to purchase various valuable goods, specifically boosts and consumables, for blood. Wait 24 hours and he'll have the item you've requested (or you can collect early for a price in Favor Points). If you're a handful of hours late to collect your goods, though, he'll give them away. Everytime you collect goods from him, he'll offer a special chest to your friends.


Just like any other game they can smithed your equipment to amplify the stats and making it more effective. In Vampire Wars they introduce The Artisans these devil Twins can craft any item just give them in their required materials. Once you've collected every collection you will gain good boost up.

Elder's Retreat

The Elder's Retreat was introduced on February 2011. The Ancient's Workshop: Ancient is a master craftswoman. At the Ancient’s Workshop, Vampires can build Abilities. This feature is available to all Vampires from Level 1 onwards. The Abilities built can be Common, Rare, Unique, and Limited Time Only.
Sagaan's Altar: Sagaan is a master of ancient and arcane craftsmanship. At Sagaan’s Altar, Vampires can sacrifice blood and collect Weapons Parts in order to craft powerful weapons.

1. You will need to get 500 clannies. (The missing one, is you)
2. Try to buy minions in order to improve your blood incoming flux.
3. Try trading your current LEs for quantity, better than quality.
4. Finally. Find the equilibrium between these two paths:  

I. Bazzar Abilities:  501x

Off:    Superior Horrific Transformations   [62/58]    (150,300,000 blood/hour)
Def:   Superior Impervious                        [38/44]    (24,048,000 blood/hour)
Mov:  Superior Flights                               [60/58]    (1,082,160,000 blood/hour)

Total of 1,256,058,000 blood per hour.
Total attack/defense: 69,138 / 80,160

Zynga is offering some tasty incentives for Vampire Wars enthusiasts to download the new Vampire Wars Game Bar. The Vampire Wars Game Bar is a toolbar that allows a player to monitor their stats, such as health, rage, energy, and any timers on blood magic or boosts, while they occupy their time with other endeavors on the web. When their meters are full, a simple click of a button will take them to Vampire Wars to complete more missions or engage in combat with rival vampires. Each player who downloads the Vampire Wars Game Bar will receive free energy boosts every 8 hours and a limited edition rare Resist Charms ability, which offers 60 attack and 120 defense. These rewards are limited to one per player, regardless of how many times you install the toolbar.
To download the Vampire Wars Game Bar, login to your account where you will be greeted with a pop-up asking you to download the Zynga toolbar. Simply follow the directions on the screen to install. If you wish to wait, you can also download from the Official Vampire Wars Game Bar website. http://toolbar.zynga.com/install/vampire/

  +5 Favor Points: http://tinyurl.com/2wqzzs8

  +5 Favor Points: http://tinyurl.com/37ccck8

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