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The Artisans: Eye

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 Under: Artisans


Glimpse into the Eyes of things to come.

The Artisans have prepared 3 brand new sets of Eye!
The Artisans can help you turn materials into unique new items! Craft all 3 types for a special bonus!
Collect 50 items, bring them to the Artisans, and they'll do the rest.

Here is how you find more requested items:
~ Request them from your friends (you get 1 item/request)
~ Collect them by helping your friends craft (1 per day)

Once you have collected 50 of the same type of items, go to the Artisans page and ask the Artisans to craft you that set. It will take 7 days for them to craft 1 set of Eye, but you can ask your clan for help and bribe them to work faster.
Each set of Eye comes with a unique bonus to your stats and crafting all 3 will award you with an additional bonus.

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