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Soulscape Portal: Dreamland

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Under: Portal

Soulscape Portal: Dreamland

Your fate is now entwined with the complex nature of reality and illusions.
We are all on a perpetual path of unending soul searching. This quest to find out one’s true identity has to begin from within. Get ready to find out who the demons in your mind are and to face yourself!

You only have 23d 23:56:51 to complete all Dreamland Missions before the Portal Keeper closes the portal! Succeed and you'll win an Epic Ability, plus a chance to win 1,000 Favor Points!
To enter Dreamland, click the glowing Portal at the top of the page!

Collect Dreamcatcher from Missions as a free gift, from Jeremy The Collector, or buy them for fp.


The Dreamland District consists of 6 Chapters.

~ Chapter 1: The Awakening

Ability reward:
* Mystic Moonlight *
Movement 149 151

Remastery-cost is 5fp.
~ Chapter 2: Chamber of Lust - Unlocks September 1st

Ability rewarded:
* Pangs of Envy * Offensive 195 105

Remastery-cost is 5fp.
~ Chapter 3: The Madness of Memories - Unlocks September 5th

Ability rewarded:
* Mental Overload * Defensive 108 192

Remastery-cost is 5fp.
~ Chapter 4: Who Am I? - Unlocks September 9th

Ability rewarded:
* Identity Crisis * Defensive 101 199

Remastery-cost is 10fp.
~ Chapter 5: Comatose - Unlocks September 13th

Ability rewarded:
* Unexpected Stillness * Defensive 95 206

Remastery-cost is 10fp.
~ Chapter 6: Murder by Poison - Unlocks September 17th

Ability rewarded:
* Forbidden Fruit * Offensive 210 91

Remastery-cost is 10fp.
Master all 6 chapters to get

* The Freedom of Dreams * Movement 201 198

Soulscape Portal: Dreamland Collection

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