We have new event and new Elder Pandora

Pandora is an event similar to the Dracula or Lucifer challenge. It will require Ambrosia. You are most likely to get Ambrosia in ancient vampiric chests as well as gifting them currently. You can ask your friends (Reverse Gifting) for it. You can also Ask For Help and Share Reward to let your friends gain Ambrosia (every time they click you gain 2%, you can receive help this way 5 times a day). Once you have revived Pandora to 100% you can reset the mastery for 30 fp, giving you another 10 days to finish the Mission.

Ability rewarded:
~ Cause Despair ~ Offensive 95 Attack 60 Defense (unlocks at 40% mastery)

~ Epidemic ~ Offensive 100 Attack 65 Defense (unlocks at 80% mastery)

~ Hope~ Defensive 75 Attack 160 Defense (unlocks at 100% mastery)