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Old Blood Quest: Act 3 (Greenhaven)

Posted by TOKO on Sunday, September 25, 2011 Under: Old Blood
Requires 904and 1 184

The Oracle at the Vale of Mystic Ways wishes to consult you.
The power of the Echo Stone shines radiant in your eyes. Are you prepared to forsake it to Lady Zarya? You are, after all, the Destined One. So favored are you in the hearts and minds of our people that they would scarce fault you were you to wield it. Perhaps this is the fate you are destined for. Yet I speak in ignorance. The Oracle in the Vale of Mystic Ways has Seen through the Ages, and wishes to speak to you. Ride forth and pay heed to her counsel.

  Path Seeker Movement 83/85

Path 1

  Possess Giant Horde Defensive 26/145

Path 2

  Gargantuan Strength Defensive 25/144


Final Mission

  Omniscience Movement 86/85

In : Old Blood 

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