New Mission Tier!
You find the new Tier under Missions -> Avenger
You will need some old and new abilities to unlock the Missions.

5 new Consumable Items are required to unlock the Missions in levels 1-3.

5 new Offensive abilities are dropping from the Missions.

Locate the Blood Smugglers' Den

drops:   * Owl Eyes * Offensive 24 10

Parley with the Smugglers

requires:x5drops:   * Unicorn Horn * Offensive 32 14

You have been cheated. Gather forces

drops:   * Dhampir's Fury * Offensive 46 24

Thank Goddess Shtriga for the Victory

drops:   * Scent Sensors * Defensive 14 32

All the Blood in the World

drops:   * ShadowLight * Movement 23 21

You can obtain three new Trophies for master all three Tiers.

Level 1 requirements

Zynga changed some requirements on 25/4.

Level 2 requirements