If you go to your account, you will notice there is now a Migration category on the dashboard menu.

Thank you for being a loyal Vampire Wars player on MySpace!

We would like to inform you that Zynga will now be discontinuing Vampire Wars on MySpace, and we therefore encourage you to continue playing Vampire Wars on Facebook https://apps.facebook.com/vampiresgame/.

Why play Vampire Wars on Facebook?

We’re bringing you:

· A one-time Bonus package of items worth more than 1000 Favor Points!
· Exciting new themes!
· Great new features like Old Blood, Avengers Mission Tier, Elder’s Retreat, Crates and many more!!
· Wider range of items in Bazaar!

How this will work:
To get your new Vampire Wars account:
1. Go to your MySpace account and click on the Migrate tab next to the Elders tab in the right hand top corner of the screen. Generate a PIN.

2. Click on the link pointing to the FB App. [This will take you to the Facebook login page, if you are not already logged in. Login to Facebook.] If you don’t have a Vampire Wars account on Facebook, install the game.
3. On opening the Vampire Wars app, find the migration button next to the Elders tab on top right hand top corner of the screen. Click on it and provide the generated PIN from MySpace. Press the Migrate Now button. All your MySpace details will be migrated to your FB account.

4. Continue playing the game on FB!
5. On migration, you will find your FPs and XPs credited to your account & free bonus package worth more than 1000 FP!!

Zynga will not be able to transfer your clan members from your MySpace account to Facebook. You can attempt to grow your clan by going to http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?1501292-Add-Me-Thread-June-2012

The migration option will be active only until July 11th 2012.

We regret to announce that our relationship with MySpace will be ending on July 11th2012. As a thank you for playing, we’d like to give you a bonus package worth 1000 favor points on your Facebook Vampire Wars account.

Q: Why is Vampire Wars on MySpace shutting down?
A: We apologize to all MySpace players that we are closing our game on this network. It was a tough business decision that we had to make in the interest of the entire Vampire Wars Franchise.

Q: When will this happen?
A: The phase-out period will begin on June 26th 2012. After the transition period, Vampire Wars on MySpace will no longer exist. The Migration option will be active until July 11th 2012.

Q: Will my existing account be converted so that I have the same statistics/progress/items?
A: Lack of clan members when one starts is one known shortcoming. But please use the http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?1501292-Add-Me-Thread-June-2012 to add new users – to facilitate getting new clan members.

Q: Why do I seem to have additional items after migration?
A: If you already possess Familiars, Artisans or Avatars in your Facebook account, those items may remain in your account post migration and will not be over written.

Q: Is there a minimum level for migration facility?
A: Yes, the migration facility is available only for those who are on level 10 and above. For those at lower levels, we encourage you to start afresh on Facebook.

Q: What’s the benefit to playing on Facebook?
A: Vampire Wars on Facebook is constantly maintained and has additional items on store, more features and functionality. It includes:
* New themes
* Exciting features (Old Blood, Avengers Mission Tier, Elder’s Retreat, Crates and many more)
* Wider range of items in store

Q: What do I do with the PIN generated?
A: You will need to login to http://apps.facebook.com/Vampiresgame (install the game if you haven't already installed) and then provide the PIN in the Migration tab next to the Elders Tab in right hand top corner.

Q: What if I lose the PIN generated?
A: PIN, which is generated for the purposes of migration will be available as long as the migration option in MySpace is available (11thJuly 2012). The link will generate the same key for the same MySpace player each time.

Q: What if I already have a Facebook account?
A: You may opt to migrate the MySpace Vampire Wars account which will overwrite the Facebook Vampire Wars account details. Alternatively, you can decide not to migrate and continue playing Vampire Wars on Facebook.

Q: Can I migrate to an alternate Facebook account & play using two accounts?
A: No. As per Zynga Terms of Service, “You shall not have more than one Account, per platform or SNS, at any given time, and shall not create an account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself”.

Q: Can I get a refund instead?
A: Refunds are not permitted.

Q: Why couldn’t you give us more advance notice or time to play on MySpace?
A: We apologize for the suddenness of this transition. For a variety of technical and data integrity reasons, it was necessary to announce and perform the transition at the same time. As a good will gesture, we are offering a Bonus Package worth 1000 favor points for all those who migrate Vampire Wars from MySpace to Facebook.

There were several changes in the game since the beginning in 2009. MySpace platform was not updated so often as the Facebook platform. Let's have a look at some pictures from the game through the time...





Old pictures of Abilities: