For years, Lord Azmodor has been terrorizing vampire clans, forcing them into subservience. His power is great and the threat he poses is all too real. The time has come to rise up against him. Tarry not! Defend your clan and keep him from enslaving all vampirekind.

Boss Fight - Showdown with Lord Azmodor is the second boss mission in the game, and is found in the Scion tier.
The player must be at least level 100.
The player must have at least 40% health to fight; however you stand a better chance of winning if you have 100% health.
The player must have at least 1 Imperial Goblet and 1 Ice Blast.
Imperial Goblet can be found on random drops in Heir to the Council or bought ten for 10 Favor Points. The Ice Blast (ability drops from Combat) can be also bought ten for 10 Favor Points or traded between players. The Goblet will be consumed on use, but the Ice Blast will not be consumed.

* Ice Blast * Offensive 130 Attack 41 Defense (giftable)
Imperial Goblet

On completion, it rewards a variable amount of blood, experience points and provides a possible rare ability from four possible results:

* Fae Spite * Defensive 97 Attack 210 Defense (giftable)

* Soul Sacrifice * Defensive 96 Attack 230 Defense (giftable)

* Minotaur's Wrath * Offensive 246 Attack 93 Defense (giftable)

* Gale Singer * Movement 156 Attack 155 Defense (giftable)

The amount of Energy and Blood required to attempt this mission is factored to the player's level.
The cost in blood can be as low as 0 or as high as 135,000,000 Blood, so it is recommended to buy as many Minions as you can to keep your Blood safe. The reward is always set at 11,400,000 Blood.
Each attempt requires approximately 20% of the player's total Energy. The exact formula uses:
Required Energy = (Total Energy rounded to the nearest 10) * .2

source: vwwikia