I seldom write about new games, but Zynga introduced new and very good game few days ago: Hidden Chronicles (a social hidden object action on Facebook).

Hidden Chronicles is about mystery, discovery, and a little friendly competition. As you move through boards discovering thousands of hidden items, you’ll also unlock the story of Ramsey Manor, your home base in Hidden Chronicles. You’ll meet and interact with unique caretakers there, and have the ability to build, decorate and customize the Manor.

The hidden object scenes in the game feel much like they do in more traditional download games. You have a list of objects to find at the bottom, a screen full of various objects to click on, and a recharging hint system (as well as additional hint tools that unlock as you progress) to help you when you’re stuck. After some scenes you’ll unlock a mini-game (such as memory or a jigsaw puzzle) and some objects require a little more work than simply clicking on the right thing. For example, an object on the list may be described as "wine for two," which means you’ll have to drag a wine glass over to a bottle of wine to complete it. There’s no time limit and you’re given a score after completing each scene.


You can add decorations to your home and customize the space how you see fit, but there’s also a hint of exploration. Just like in CastleVille, the areas around the manor are covered in shadows, and as you open up new areas you’ll come across new mysteries complete with new story elements and hidden object scenes.

Hidden Chronicles is a very good and beautiful game, if you have spare time you can try it yourself.

source: Gamezebo