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Iceland Portal: Kopavogur

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Under: Portal

Iceland is a dark, cold piece of rock, surrounded by deep, freezing ocean. There is little daylight in the winter. On the darkest days in December, there are max 3 hours of not-so-bright daylight. This is countered in the summer where a month or so is daylight 24 hours. But the summers are short, and the winters are long.
Kópavogur is a city and Iceland's second largest municipality, with a population of 30,779.
It lies immediately south of Reykjavík and is part of the Greater Reykjavík Area. The name literally means seal pup bay. The town seal contains the profile of the church Kópavogskirkja with a seal pup underneath.

You only have 20d 22:19:13 to complete all Kopavogur Missions before the Portal Keeper closes the portal! Succeed and you'll win an Epic Ability, plus a chance to win 1,000 Favor Points!

To enter Iceland (Kopavogur), click the glowing Portal at the top of the page!


The Kopavogur District consists of 6 Chapters.

~ Chapter 1: Flaming Riots

Ability reward:
* Silver Tongue * Movement 121 Attack 122 Defense

Remastery-cost is 5fp.

~ Chapter 2: Fangs of Hell - Unlocks December 2nd

Ability rewarded:
* Rogue Rider * Movement 122 Attack 120 Defense

Remastery-cost is 5fp.

~ Chapter 3: Renegade Slaughter - Unlocks December 6th

Ability rewarded:
* Righteous Slaughter * Offensive 192 Attack 45 Defense

Remastery-cost is 5fp.

~ Chapter 4: The Hunted - Unlocks December 9th

Ability rewarded:
* Spider Morph * Defensive 47 Attack 195 Defense

Remastery-cost is 10fp.

~ Chapter 5: The Revelation - Unlocks December 13th

Ability rewarded:
* Penetrating Clarity * Defensive 43 Attack 196 Defense

Remastery-cost is 10fp.
~ Chapter 6: The Real Villain - Unlocks December 16th

Ability rewarded:
* Reckless Valor * Offensive 191 Attack 50 Defense

Remastery-cost is 10fp.

Master all 6 chapters to get
* Thunderous Bloodstorm * Offensive 264 Attack 64 Defense


Iceland Portal: Kopavogur Collection

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