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Iceland (Kopavogur) Portal Collection

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Under: Collections

We have brand new Portal collection in the game.

Shape Shift
Weather Control
Superhuman Strength
Living Dreams
Weapon Immunity

Ability reward:
Draugar Inheritance Offensive

A draugur (literally "one who walks after death") is an undead creature from Norse mythology. The original Norse meaning of the word is ghost, and older literature makes clear distinctions between sea-draug and land-draug. Draugar were believed to be the walking, "living" bodies of dead Vikings residing in their graves. As the graves of important men often contained a good amount of wealth, the draugar jealously guarded his treasures, for an eternity.
The Old English cognate was dréag ("apparition, ghost"). The Gaelic word dréag or driug meaning "portent, meteor" is borrowed from either the Old Norse word.

Icelanders generally still believe in ghosts. The tales are so imprinted in our society, that I’ve only met one Icelander in my entire lifetime who truly doesn’t believe in ghosts (he’s very scientific-minded). You’ll hear some people say that they don’t believe, but then they dive into discussions about that one time they thought they heard something, or how their brother went berserk once because he thought he saw a ghost, or how their grandmother can see ghosts all the time. Those people are also likely to have gone to a psychic medium.

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