There is some very bad news for Vampire Wars players. Facebook announced few days ago in an updated blog post that "everyone will get timeline". The change should happen over the next few weeks. Once your account is converted, you will have 7 days before it goes live.

Timeline has been an opt in feature and those who took the plunge hate it. If you are a Vampire Wars players, you will find that many of your posts don't make it into the news feeds. If Zynga values their spam and/or Vampire Wars, they need to be proactive in helping the community learn the workarounds or design their spam so it will be viewed. I don't see this happening and once all of us have Timeline, the game will become more difficult to play.
You have to allow Vampire Wars into your Timeline by using the Activity Log. Even if you do this, your requests will not appear in the news feeds unless you actually write something.
Many media sites such as Yahoo, facetiously suggest that people jump ship from Facebook and give Google+ a try. The Facebook Timeline was very similar to MySpace. We all know what happened to MySpace! If Zynga can't find a solution to the news feed problem, maybe they should be talking to Google.

source: MWLL