Sacred Halls


Abbadon's Taint

Achilles' Invincibility

Age Immunity


Akem's Wicked Stakes

Alexander's Malevolence

Alexander's Tactics

Amons Might

Ancient Tongues

Ancient's Sacrifice

Animate Fears

Animate Nightmare

Animate Tree Demons

Anselmi's Ruthlessness

Apocalyptic Storm

Arcane Flail

Ares' Bloodlust

Arm of Darkness

Arm of Reckoning

Assassin's Guile

Assassin's Stealth

Astaroth's Depredation

Astral Ascent

Athena's Strategy

Balam's Pestilence

Bat Cupid

Bathory's Iron Maiden

Beast Slayer

Beast's Brutality

Believer's Wrath

Black Cat Form

Black Cat Wail

Black Knight Form

Blade Dance

Blades of Bones

Blades of Vengeance

Blood Bath

Blood Burn

Blood Curse

Blood Freezing Gas

Blood Manipulation

Blood Pact

Bloodless Heart

Blur Motion

Bone Shield