List of all Vampire Wars characters and Elders

Akem Manah

Below the city, in an ancient crypt, you find a chest of wood and bone. Occult symbols glow faintly on the wood.
As you gaze at the box, a voice echoes inside your head: "I am Akem Manah, the demon of evil purpose. After centuries of watching the humans on this planet grow, struggle, and die, I have grown bored. I am tired of watching humans with their feeble mortal limitations. I wish to see the evolution of the world's strongest vampire.Grow in power. Return here every day so I may view your progress, and I shall reward you."  

Akem Manah is likely inspired from Aka Manah, the demon of "evil purpose and thoughts" in Zoroastrianism and ancient Persia.  Aka Manah was thought to be the physical personification of evil and is credited with being the demon who prevents individuals from performing moral actions. Aka Manah can be compared to the Christian Satan.

Akem Manah is one of the vampire Elders, also referred to as "the devil". It is unclear whether this is his true nature, or if it is just a nickname earned by his wicked powers, monsterous appearance, and his affinity for gambling (which is often portrayed as one of satan's fonder hobbies).
He offers abilities to other vampires in a game called Akem's Gamble.

Once every 24 hours, you may select one of three chests. Inside is a scroll which grants a rare ability. Most times this will be a common ability, but sometimes it can be an uncommon ability, and possibly even a legendary ability. You can play the game more than once per day by spending 10 favor points.

Old rewards:

Update (July 2010):

Update (April 2011):

Akem's Limited Ability Sets:

Anti-Werewolf Set (July 2010)

Death Gods Set (September 2010)

Internet Meme Set (September - October 20th 2010)

Blood Brothers Set (October 22nd 2010 - November 1st 2010)

Sun Gods Set (November 1st 2010 - November 25th 2010)


Blood Gods Set (December 3rd 2010, June 21st 2011)

Malignant Music Set (November 26th 2010 - December 12nd 2010)

Epic LE Collection Set (December 14th 2010 - January 2nd 2011)

Crowley's Heresy Set (January 4th 2011 - February 25th 2011)

Trickster Gods Set (January 26th 2011 - February 14th 2011)

Revenge Gods Set (February 20th 2011 - March 16th 2011)

Medieval Bloodbath Set (March 15th 2011 - April 4th 2011)

Sorcerers Set (April 7th 2011 - May 3rd 2011)

Warlords Set (May 3rd 2011-May 26th 2011)

Pharaohs Set (May 26th 2011-June 21st 2011)

Pirates Set (June 23rd 2011-July 19th 2011)

Round Table Set (July 19th 2011-August 11th 2011)

Lords of Hell Set (August 11th 2011-September 1st 2011)

Gods of Night Set (September 1st 2011-September 23rd 2011)

Spanish Explorers Set (September 23rd 2011-October 14th 2011)

Pestilence Set (October 14th 2011-November 3rd 2011)

Heroes Set (November 3rd 2011-November 25th 2011)

Torture Devices Set (November 25th 2011-December 15th 2011)

Gothic Horror Set (December 15th 2011-January 5th 2012)

Mobster Set (January 5th 2011-January 26th 2012)

Water Demon Set (January 26th 2011-February 16th 2012)

Elders Set (February 16th 2012-March 8th 2012)

Temptresses Set (March 8th 2012-March 29th 2012)

Archangels Set (March 29th 2012-April 19th 2012)

Egyptian Gods Set (April 19th 2012-May 10th 2012)

Mortal Combat Set (May 10th 2012-May 30th 2012)

Nature's Fury Set (May 30th 2012-June 22th 2012)

Assassins Set (June 22th 2012-July ??th 2012)

He also rewards faithful players with treasure from the Crypt when they play for multiple days in a row.

Update (April 2012):

Akem's Avatar Costume:

On October 2009 Akem Manah left a note complaining that someone had stolen articles of his clothing . This would lead to the special event that would allow player to collect limited edition costume of Akem Manah.

Akem's World Portal:

December 2010

LE Ability:

* Akem for President * Defensive 13 Attack 42 Defense (Free Gifts)

* Akem's Wicked Stakes * Offensive 215 Attack 89 Defense (Akem's Elder Ability Set)



"Would you like to play a game?"
"I'm Mandy, and blood is my speciality, but I won't do anything unless it's fun. Spin The Wheel and see what you get. You have to pay to play... in blood, of course. I'll need that blood to work my magic. Win big and it's good times all around for you and your clan. Be warned, though, you could spin a Curse." 

Mandy is a young girl who wears a green dress, and a purple bow in her hair. Although she looks sweet and innocent, she is maniacal and severely twisted. To go further into implying how evil she really is, she carries around a dead cat on a leash almost all the time. She only interacts with the player through the Blood Magic wheel game, and when they were given to her as a gift on her birthday. If the player were to perform outstandingly while trying to reach her lair, she would reward them with the ability Mandy's Curse.

Spin the wheel by spending blood in order to be given a special magic ability for a 4-hour duration. Abilities range from faster filling meters, various boosts, and even a curse that will drain you of blood. Special abilities may often be shared with friends and Clan members. You may spin the wheel every 4 hours, or spin again immediately for around half the blood and 5 Favor Points. You may use several magic abilities at once, especially if you accept them from friends.


Warlock's Gift - All meters refill faster (+25% / 50% / 75%)
Twilight's Grace - Bonus energy (+50% / 100% / 200%)
Glyph of Wisdom - Bonus experience from missions (+20% / 50% / 100%)
Bloodlust - Bonus blood from missions (+25% / 50% / 100%)
Lilith's Kiss - Increased chance to loot rare items (+25% / 50% / 100%)
Beastly Vigor - Bonus rage (+50% / 100% / 200%)
Demonic Strength - Bonus to combat damage (+1 / 2 / 3)
Glyph of Guile - Bonus experience from combat (+50% / 100% / 200%)
Witch's Curse - Penalty to combat damage, loss of blood (-1 dmg, 5% blood / -2 dmg, 10% blood / -3 dmg, 15% blood)

Mandy's Avatar Costume:

On October 2009 Mandy left a note complaining that someone had stolen articles of her clothing . This would lead to the special event that would allow player to collect limited edition costume of Mandy.

LE Ability:

* Mandy's Twisted Games * Offensive 151 Attack 84 Defense (Akem's Elder Ability Set)


MandyLand Portal:

April 2010

Jeremy "The Collector"

The name's Jeremy, and I can find anything! I can get you what you need... for a price. You want the goods? Then hand over the blood. You gotta get back on time though! This stuff's hot; everyone wants a piece!

Otherwise known as Elder Jeremy K., the Collector will allow you to purchase various valuable goods, specifically boosts and consumables, for blood. Wait 24 hours and he'll have the item you've requested (or you can collect early for a price in Favor Points). If you're a handful of hours late to collect your goods, though, he'll give them away. Everytime you collect goods from him, he'll offer a special chest to your friends.


LE Ability:

* Yes V Can * Defensive 22 Attack 35 Defense (Free Gifts)

* Jeremy's Enterprise * Offensive 169 Attack 70 Defense (Akem's Elder Ability Set)


Retro Collector:                     


Greetings, visitor. We are the Artisans and can assist you with some handiwork. All we'll need from you are the ingredients and a bit of spare change and we will craft magical new items!

Carissa and Edward - Conjoined at the hip, these playful twins are skilled Artisans who can help craft magical items. Just like any other game they can smithed your equipment to amplify the stats and making it more effective. In Vampire Wars they introduce The Artisans these devil Twins can craft any item just give them in their required materials. Once you've collected every collection you will gain good boost up.


Artisans in Mandyland Portal (Chapter 5, House of Mirrors):


Sagaan is a Portals gatekeeper and a master of ancient and arcane craftsmanship.
Annette Dupont is the wife of Gabriel, Sagaan's half-blood son.

The Sagaan's Altar was introduced on March 10, 2011 as the second non-cash generating "retreat" from the Elder's Retreat. At Sagaan's Altar, Vampires can sacrifice blood and collect Weapons Parts in order to craft powerful weapons.

Weapons items are non-consumable Offensive and Defensive items built in Sagaan's Altar and used during Combat. There are currently 24 Weapons available, three per Workshop level. Each Weapon has a different cost.
Weapons act the same in Combat as Abilities: If the Weapon(s) have a stronger Offensive or Defensive value than the player's Ability(s), then the Weapon(s) are used instead of the Ability(s).
Each Weapon can be built multiple times. Some Weapons provide a permanent Energy or Rage boost. Only one Weapon can be built every 24 hours (without using up Favor Points). Weapons are nongiftable.

LE Ability:

* Sagaan's Heritage * Defensive 83 Attack 156 Defense (Akem's Elder Ability Set)



Lana's Induction Tutorial is designed to help new players learn the basics of Vampire Wars. The player is given 7 days to complete several tasks.



A serene and benign Vampiress, by presenting her with enough White Lillies you can earn her favour. 

Lilith Event:

Lilith was introduced in February of 2010 as a vampire elder and part of a special event. The player must collect a certain number of white lilies to complete her mission. The reward for completing her mission is the rare ability "Kiss of Death." This ability comes in three levels: standard, superior, and epic. Each level of the ability is given upon a certain percentage mastery.

LE Ability:

* Lilith's Serenity * Movement 119 Attack 119 Defense (Akem's Elder Ability Set)


Baba Yaga

Lives in a chicken-leg hut, this elderly witch is the only Combat Boss. She has ambitions of taking over town.

Baba Yaga has been overstepping her boundaries and stealing your turf from under your fangs. She needs to be taught a lesson; that there's only room in this town for one supernatural night creature. Take her out before she gains momentum and envelops the entire town with her witchery.

Boss Fight - Showdown with Baba Yaga is found in the Fledgling tier.


Retro Baba Yaga:

LE Ability:

* Baba Yaga's Gluttony * Offensive 150 Attack 115 Defense (Akem's Sorcerers Ability Set)


Lord Azmodor

Boss Fight - Showdown with Lord Azmodor is found in the Scion tier.

Vampire Santa

Vampire Santa is the vampiric version of regular Santa. He gives gifts to vampires who relinquish control of abilities to their clan members. Every time you gift an ability to a clan member you have a chance of getting visited by Vampire Santa. A vampire can receive up to 10 gifts of Pyrokinesis everyday.


Feed the Starving Reindeer Event:

There is a set of limited edition abilities earned through a limited time mission, "Feed the Starving Reindeer", able to be performed once every 24 hours during the winter season of 2009.  It requires the Mission Item Reindeer Food and 30 energy.  This special mission is available on the Elders page, under the 'Vampire Santa' heading.


Vengeance, fury and majesty are the hallmark of Lord Vlad. Cold and calculating, he is the inscrutable vampire heir to the Age of Old Blood. The last of the Eternals, Lord Vlad will do everything in his power to hold on to his inheritance no matter the cost.

Vlad's Viciousness  Offensive 130/48
 Vlad's Vengeance  Offensive 135/53

  Vlad's Vengeance II Offensive 144/23


Valena is the sultry and seductive Vampire Bandit Queen of the Thruul Forest. She is Vlad's half-sister, and her stature is as terrifying as the purest of the Eternals. None dare challenge her in combat, for she is armed and dangerous, and her power knows no bounds.

  Valena's Vengeance Offensive 119/51

  Valena's Rage Offensive 146/23


His origins are shrouded in dark mystery, but lore tells of his being since the dawn of time Soegil, the Tavern Keeper of the Fanged Dragon is the keeper of many tales. His knowledge runs deep, his secrets run deeper, and his loyalties lie with the changing winds.


   Lady Zarya's Thrall  Defensive 23/144


The Deathbringer tier is spent uncovering his treachery and putting a stop to it. It's revealed he's working for Draven.

Lord Draven

The Vindicator tier is spent unravelling his plot and removing him from power.


Character from the Nightshade tier.


Cameron's human lover has been cursed by one of his former conquests and is slain when you speak her name. Also known as "Carmilla" on the iPod version of the game.

LE Ability:

 * Carmilla's Allure * Defensive 48 Attack 82 Defense (Elders)

Carmilla's Allure is likely inspired by "Carmilla," a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. First published in 1872, it tells the story of a young woman named Laura and her susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. "Carmilla" predates Bram Stoker's Dracula by 25 years.


The owner of Club Crave and once the most powerful Vampire in New York city, his love for a human tamed him. With his defenses down his clan went savage, and at Sagaan's request you destroyed him and claimed his turf.


The New Orleans contact dresses in the garb or a street performer with bright blue suit and tophat. He directs the player to seek help from a local Voodoo Queen.

Madame Brigette

A tanned woman in flowing white dress, the Voodoo Queen resides in a cemetary. She arms the player before locating the troublesome witch.


 A dangerous Louisiana Swamp witch, her Zombies threaten the nearby Vampires' source of food. The player must dispose of her minions and pet snake before banishing her using Brigette's hex.


The deceptively beautiful Russia contact is an blue-eyed Arian with command over wolves and Werewolves, and she leads the player into a trap. When it is revealed she is working for Vladamir she needs to be put down.

Doctor Taraso

A typical mad scientist who performs malevolent experiments on Vladimir's captured Vampires until he's disposed of.


A corrupt and arrogant Vampire Lord that resides in his Castle in the Caucasus Mountains. He captures and tortures Vampires for scientific progress and is eliminated by the player.


The son of Sagaan and a human woman is a half-blood. 

Anette Dupont

Annette Dupont is the wife of Gabriel, Sagaan's half-blood son.

Andre Moreau



Fat Elvis


Akem's Revenge Gods ability set:

 * Morrigan's Plot * Offensive 100 Attack 70 Defense (Akem)

The Morrígan ("phantom queen") or Mórrígan ("great queen") is a figure from Irish mythology who appears to have once been a goddess, although she is not explicitly referred to as such in the texts.
The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility.She sometimes appears in the form of a crow.

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